The Mosel – Border between Hunsrück & Eifel

No matter whether walking, cycling, gliding, hang gliding, boating, swimming, inline skating or fishing - everything is possible here to explore and diversify your free time.

The Mosel cycle routes run through romantic and dreamy villages. The Mosel-Maare-Cycle route offers an interesting change for the younger and older cyclist.  On the route from Daun in the Vulcanic Eifel to Lieser on the Mosel, you can experience the varied scenery of the Eifel and the Mosel valley.

Around the river, the landscape offers the ambitious walker numerous possibilities. Our tip is the newly opened Moselsteig, where you can discover the wonderful Mosel cultural scenery over a distance of 365 km.

Activities in the areaActivities in the areaActivities in the area